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Only One Week Remaining

We only have one week left to go in our crowdfunding campaign, so if you haven’t donated yet, please consider making a donation TODAY! Here’s a link to the campaign: The Flying Carpet App.

Have a look- you’ll notice some big changes! Since we’ve decided to take a true Flying Carpet approach in Madrid, and run classes at different locations, we need much less money to launch The Flying Carpet. We are now focusing our fundraising efforts on the app.

We’ve also started working on the app design- test versions of many of its pages are up and running. The biggest priority now is raising money to shoot high quality videos, and to develop the live streaming portion of the app. That will require coding and an experienced app builder. We also want a graphic designer to create our own Flying Carpet icons. Look below to see a preliminary design.

In our final week, we’d like to ask anyone reading this to share the campaign with people they think might be interested. We’re trying to push the larger perks. If you know anyone that would be interested in a corporate mindfulness class for their employees (half day of mindfulness training focusing on teamwork, communication skills, or another soft skill of your choice) or a private spa party (think yoga class, mini-facials and organic cocktails), please recommend us! Selling just two of these perks would almost fund out entire app production. Selling just one is enough to fund enough video production to launch a beta version of the app.

Remember: every contribution helps, no matter how small. Remember: we chose flexible funding, which means we get to keep the money that comes in, even if we don’t hit our goal. Thank you and Namaste!


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