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How Weaving Mandalas Brings Me to a State of Creative Meditation

“The mandala weaves the body with the spirit, the past with the future, the boy with the adult, the day with the night, the south with the north, the artist with the observer.”The word “mandala” comes from Sanskirt and means “sacred circle.” Mandalas represent the cosmos and eternity. For thousands of years spiritual cultures have used them to meditate on different levels. They are sacred objects- through them we can bring our total attention to the present moment, which is the first step to gaining that magical inner wisdom we all need to recover.
I have always been drawn to mandalas…the shapes, the colors, the way they bring you deeply inside . . . and then I started to weave them . . . all the shiny strings, crossing each other in a seemingly casual way . . . but then together creating something so amazing and always so unique!!
You can’t think of anything else while creating a mandala, or you just make a big mess. Being concentrated forces you to stay in this peaceful, amazing place called HERE AND NOW. When this happens your soul expands. This is why the first time I made a mandala it was “love at first sight.” Now I have to recognize that I am totally addicted!
Working on mandalas in different ways: drawing, painting or weaving, helps us to heal deeply on both psychological and spiritual levels. In many South American cultures they are called “God’s Eyes.” I think this is because when you look at one, it feels like the Universe is looking back at you . . . . it is a magical feeling of connection! Weaving them gives us a chance to stop our chaotic minds, bringing us into an awakened state of creative meditation.
Weaving mandalas brought me so much that I wanted to share this experience with other people. Primarily I am a surrealist painter and give classes in oils painting and stained glass to both adults and children. I decided to do the same with my mandalas, and give workshops in Ibiza to introduce others to this magical practice. The people that join my workshops always have a beautiful experience practicing this creative meditation. Many of them continue with the practice and really enjoy it- they find it gives them the same feelings I experience when I weave.  I am so grateful to be able to bring around this amazing activity to Ibiza- I think it fits so well with the spirit of this magical place!If you wish to learn more about my workshops, please visit my facebook page: facebook/MadhalsaMandalas

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