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3 Reasons You Should Tweet About Your Business

When most people think about Twitter, they associate it with Kim Kardashian tweeting single sentence self-indulgences. Then they rant about the injustice of someone with so little to contribute to society being so well known. If you’re one of these people, I invite you to take a moment and think about this in a new way. Ask yourself, “How did she get to be so popular?” The answer is clear: Reality TV and Twitter. The woman is so good at manipulating the media that she turned having a giant butt into an asset. If she can do this, think about the potential there is to grow your business, which adds much more value to society.

Different social media sites help people achieve different goals. There are three basic reasons to use Twitter: (1) to quickly communicate information to your customers, (2) to distribute content and (3) to network. Let me walk you through them.

Quickly communicate with customers

This is the simplest way to use Twitter, and probably the least effective. It’s a quick, free way to communicate information to your customers. However, it assumes that your customers are regular Twitter users. What’s the average Twitter user? It’s a 28 year old female who lives in the United States and owns an iPhone. So if you have a yoga studio, a hair salon, or a clothing boutique, Twitter could be a valuable way of communicating with her. If your clientele doesn’t fit this description, consider a group text provider and keep reading this blog. Why? First, because the statistic is misleading: 77% of monthly average Twitter users are located outside the U.S. In fact, the country with the highest percentage of Internet users that Tweet is actually Saudi Arabia. Second, because the real power of Twitter lies in its ability to replace traditional P.R.

Distribute Content

Have you watched the news in America lately? Most of it involves anchormen/anchorwomen reviewing Tweets from around the world. Twitter feeds are quickly replacing reporters, particularly for breaking news. It makes sense: who best to report unexpected events than local citizens who are onsite, filming with their phones? In the time it takes traditional reporters and news crews to be deployed from Atlanta, London or Beijing to an international location, breaking news can be seen on Twitter, downloaded, fact checked and broadcast to the world.

A similar phenomenon obtains for less timely news. Company updates used to be exclusively broadcast through costly press releases. Now, anyone can Tweet content for free. In fact, Twitter works best for smaller businesses that have something unique or quirky to share. The key is setting up your distribution channels. You begin by making your own Twitter account. After that it’s a numbers game. You start accumulating followers. If you’re smart, you do this in a strategic fashion. Try and find people to follow you that have multiple followers in your targeted demographic- these are called key influencers. One retweet (“RT”) from a key influencer can get your content broadcast to tens of thousands of potential customers in just a few seconds.


There’s a quote often circulated on Twitter. It goes like this, “Facebook is for people you used to know, Linkedin is for people you know now, and Twitter is for people you want to know.” It’s very true. Since Twitter is less personal than other social media sites (you can follow people without them following you), people often feel safer interacting with strangers. Plus the average Twitter user is extremely open. Most regular Twitter users are on the site to accumulate followers and grow their brands, so they will see your interest for what it is, rather than assuming you’re a stalker. I’ve secured third party blog posts, engagements to host Twitter chats, and even organized a retreat via Twitter.

The best part about Twitter is it’s free! To get started, go to and set-up an account. If you have questions, post a comment on this blog and I’ll respond. To learn more, follow this blog for regular updates or send me a direct tweet (type “@_flyingcarpet your message” into the white rectangle at the top of your new Twitter feed) and I’ll send you future social media “how to” posts.

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