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me at thanksgiving in londonMary Clare Bland is a blogger, social media consultant, web designer and serial entrepreneur. She began her career in New York City as a buy side equity analyst on Wall Street. After years of telling management teams how to run their global companies, she decided she was ready to start her own. She started, and eventually sold, two successful small businesses in Manhattan.

A crusader for small business owners everywhere, she decided she wanted to focus on helping others build and grow their dreams. Now she she helps small and medium sized enterprises develop online marketing strategies to gain new customers and interact with existing ones.

Mary Clare´s passion is traveling. She has visited over 60 countries and stayed in hotels ranging from the fanciest luxury palaces in Abu Dhabi down to a sleeping bag (tent: no, snakes: yes) in the Australian Outback. She currently resides in Madrid where where she teaches yoga and mindfulness in her spare time, and occasionally runs yoga/mindfulness retreats in Ibiza and hiking/yoga trips on the Camino de Santiago.

Kickstart Madrid is the name of her business consultancy, and The Flying Carpet is the name of her blog, travel and yoga business. To contact her, please email her directly at Her direct line in Spain is +34 917 95 71 21, and her direct U.S. line is +1 917 300 4371.

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