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Submission Guidelines

What We’re Interested in Reading About:

In general we focus on travel (we have a weak spot for travel hacks, and learning how travel has opened your mind), mindfulness and social media. We’re also open to, and are interested in receiving, submissions about any topic that promotes openness, sharing, and global oneness. We love learning and sharing findings about new technology and science– especially if the science explains why meditation and yoga work, or helps us live healthier lives.

We are not interested in: politics, outdated economic models, product promotions that don’t teach us anything new or anything inappropriate.

Submission Requirements:

  • All articles should be factual and original content.
  • Articles should range from 700-1200 words, unless your content renders a different word count optimal.
  • The Flying Carpet reserves the right to edit any submissions. We edit mostly for grammar, but also for content. Warning: please edit it yourself first. If it’s filled with grammatical mistakes, we probably don’t have the patience to fix it.
  • Languages accepted: English and Spanish (note: Spanglish is not an included language).
  • Please compose posts specifically for The Flying Carpet. We will not publish posts that have been previously published or posted anywhere else on the Internet, or that you plan on submitting elsewhere. Copyright: The Flying Carpet requires that all articles submitted must be original and unpublished. Rights to the article and editorial control will be owned by The Flying Carpet.
  • Please submit the text of the article in the form below. All photos and links should be emailed to us separately at Please note in the article where the links and photos belong, and put the title of your article in the subject line of your email.
  • Please email us a short bio, headshot, and up to four links you’d like featured in your submission.
  • Please give us up to 5 business days to determine whether we will publish your article. If you haven’t heard from us after 5 business days, feel free to send up a follow-up email at

Thank you for your interest in our blog!

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